This is a 1 day intensive workshop intended for intermediate/advanced students and professional photographers.  With 20 years Photoshop experience, Ed will cover the post-processing techniques used to produce our award winning images.

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* Lightroom RAW processing best practices
* Getting awesome white balance in Lightroom
* Photoshop skin / beauty retouching.
* Color enhancement
* Mastering dodge and burn
* Hands on exercises with student submitted photos
* What photo competition judges look
* Sharpening techniques
* Additional post-processing tools
* Developing a post-processing style
* How to analyze a photo and know what to enhance
* If time permits, Advanced Spot Coloring[/accordion]


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[/accordion] [testimonial style=”3″ title=”Student Testimonial” tag=”h3″ name=”Corey Schwartz (Desert Ridge Photography)” url=”” ]“When professional photographers want to improve their skills what do they do? They look for the best photographers in the country and go spend time learning from them. Atrero Photography produces amazing, world class images and they are gracious enough to share their experience and skills in “NINJA” workshops. I knew of Ed’s work from his awards at Fearless Photographer a collective of wedding photojournalists. I saw him speak at a conference in New Orleans where he kept photographers from around the world laughing in hysterics while teaching them how to improve their game. Whether you want to push your skills to the next level in Photoshop, lighting, shooting or anything else I highly recommend that you take one or more of Ed’s workshops. Ed takes the time to share all the secrets that make his images so flipp’n good. If you’re thinking about using Atrero as your wedding photographer, stop thinking and sign the contract. You won’t be disappointed.”[/testimonial] [testimonial style=”3″ title=”Student Testimonial” tag=”h3″ name=”Mark G.” url=””]Atrero photography offers incredible workshops for any amateur to professional photographers. When I say incredible I REALLY mean incredible. If you have a question that you’ve been curious about and cannot find the answer even on the web I HIGHLY suggest going to one of the workshops. Better yet, I suggest you go to the workshop anyway because you’ll honestly learn so many skills and techniques you’d almost be overwhelmed by how much there is to learn about photography. But don’t worry Ed provides you with the power point presentation he uses afterwards so you won’t forget or miss anything. On top of that he encourages Q & A throughout the day so being confused is not an option.[/testimonial] [accordion state=”opened” color=”gray” title=”Sign Up Details” tag=”h3″ ]

Actually, we will not be teaching Advanced Spot Coloring this year.  Just checking if you were paying attention.

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