What will it cost?

Collection starts at $ 3200 and most of our couples invest between $ 4950 – $ 9950.

All wedding collections include our photographic time on the wedding day, online proofing of all wedding images and full resolution images in color and black and white, fully edited and free from watermarks.

For more information on our collections and how to take the next step in the process, kindly fill out the contact form and all the goodies will be waiting in your inbox.

When will we receive our photos and how many?

Your edited photos will be delivered within 3 months of your wedding day.

At least 400 photos (depending on the number of hours of coverage) and we include everything great! All the photos are edited, meaning that each photo you receive gets color, contrast, saturation adjustments and cropping to make your photos print ready! It is free from watermarks too!

We don’t see any family formals in your website. Do you shoot these?

Absolutely! This is a must! These are very important set of photos that will be treasured by you, your parents and relatives for many years to come. And yes, we shot the details too!

We have a very tight schedule and we are worried about not having enough time for portraits.

We got you covered! 4 weeks before your wedding day, we will seat down together and help you finalize the time line, review your family formal list (this can take a lot of time post ceremony time if we don’t plan ahead.) so we know who and when to capture and also make sure we have time to cover all the details that make your wedding gorgeous.

What is the album process?

With your personal online gallery, you select your favorites for the album and we’ll custom design an album for you. Make your selections within 4 months of the wedding and your heirloom album will be in your hands before your first anniversary.

The ultimate goal in the process is to find out how we can best look after you. We take the time to work closely with you to customize the look and feel of the images and the album we create for you.

What’s your back up plan?

In an unlikely event that we are unable to shoot your wedding we have a network of wedding photographer colleagues we can call on in an emergency.

Do you charge travel fee?

If we can drive home after the wedding, there is no cost.

If place of stay is needed, or if there is a flight required, or
if a rental car is a must, those costs will be added to the final invoice.

If our collection includes the high resolution images, why should we buy prints from you?

Prints still has a very important place in our highly digital world and we cannot stress this enough. Make prints of your photographs! It is still the best way to preserve your memories so you can share them with your children some day. Digital files have the chance of becoming lost, corrupted or deleted, but your prints will last forever.

This is also why we offer printing services online – to make it as simple as possible for you and your family to order high quality archival prints. Your photographs will look the same way on our screen as they do when our lab prints them.

What makes you different from the rest and how would you describe your style.

We are best known for the following:

1) Our photojournalistic approach in capturing events:

We are moment driven photographers and that means we focus – plainly and simply- at the relationships present. Things that happen when you gather your friends and family from across the country, and celebrate your love together. And we do it quickly with ninja like skills.

2) Our creative portraiture:

Liken to a painter, we create our portraits with the tools we are given – epic backgrounds, raw moments and of course, light – to paint the canvas (photographs).

Do you do everything?
Almost! Ed and Karen will be your personal photographers on your wedding day. No substitutes here!

As far as your photographs go, we are it! We are there through every step. We’ll meet with you. We’ll be there on the day. We will cull the photos. We’ll carefully edit your photos. We’ll even custom wrap your album and hand deliver it to you.

100% quality control over the entire process is done by Ed and Karen to ensure you get the best possible product throughout the whole process.

We really like you and what’s the next step in the process?

It’s very quick and easy. Fill this contact form and all the goodies will be waiting in your inbox.

In a chatty mood? Give Karen a call at 760.481.7632. She answers your call within 3 rings and that’s a promise!

By the way, to reserve your date, a retainer of $ 1500 & a signed contract is required.

Just aheads up……we love meeting people and making new friends. We’d like to get to know you before we hide behind the camera. Let’s meet via video chat or better yet we’d love to have you to our home gallery. Let’s know each other. We’ll answer any questions you may have and we’ll even show you some sample show pieces so you’ll know how to best showcase those priceless memories.

We are an award winning San Diego Wedding Photographer duo specializing in artistic documentary wedding photography.
San Diego, CA
Phone: (760)-481-7632