We are Ed and Karen Atrero, a husband and wife team of badass ninja wedding photographers. We're ninjas most of your wedding day, but we're wranglers too, having herded many cats for group shots in the 7+ years we've been around. We serve all of Southern California but we are also available for travel worldwide and have shot weddings in far flung destinations such as Bali, Brazil, and Cancun.

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LIKES: craft brew. belgian ales. gourmet burgers. the super mario bro theme song. mischief. wordplay. randomness. old school street fighter ii. playing any zombie apocalypse games on the iPad. foodies. yelp. hip hop (old school / golden era). shaking ass on the dance floor. cursing. tinkering, macguyvering, and occasionally inventing. hand crafting bad ass images with ninja like precision.

DISKLIKES: boring sleepy folk music… unless he’s intentionally trying to fall asleep.

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LIKES: informality. shades of blue and grey. coffee. tulips. 70s- 90s music. wizard of oz. voltus 5. classic cars. playing fireball on the ipad. books. history. Sunday papers. nature. laughter. friendships. family. family gatherings. dancing. traveling. living the moment. cooking and crafting kick ass images like no other.

DISLIKES: onions.

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We are an award winning San Diego Wedding Photographer duo specializing in artistic documentary wedding photography.
San Diego, CA
Phone: (760)-481-7632