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When you first find out you were expecting your first child, your one and only hope as a parent is  your baby will be born healthy. Then several years go by, you nurture and guide her through this life. You’ve known her for a few years and your hope list gets a little longer. You hope that she doesn’t scrape her knee on the playground, that she will learn to be patient with herself, that she’ll write between the red and blue lines on the writing paper and that she will know know how to play nice at school. As she gets older and more mature, your hopes become a sort of copy of Emily Post Etiquette list of social graces –  she will be happy, well adjusted, has good manners, respectful, friendly, courteous, smart, can carry on a conversation, bad ass – lacrosse player kid and she has….she IS!

Well Emma is all of the above and more. She turned out just fine. She is down to earth, smart, has lots of friends, can easily fit into new situations, and loves sports.

Emma is now a freshman at University of Redlands.

Go Bulldogs!

downtown encinitas senior portraits


downtown encinitas senior portraits
downtown encinitas senior portraits
downtown encinitas senior portraits
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January 21, 2017 is the day I marched!

I will no longer stay silent, accommodate or accept the status quo.

I will fight…

for you,

for us,

for human rights!

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Happy New Year to you!

New year comes reflections, adjustments and new adventures.

Well…we are definitely all in for new adventures.

But first some reflections. Shooting weddings for the past 12 years have been a great ride for us. Ed and I are reminded of the good things that have come our way. We thank each of you for the laughs and the great memories for you’ve taken us to many great heights!

Back in October, 2016 we shot our last wedding of the season and it couldn’t have come any faster. In Spring, 2016, the haze in the mirror faded and it became more clear to us that we were looking at the end of the road of our career in wedding photography. So here it is….we are closing our wedding side of the biz but stay tuned, we are rearranging the furniture and ramp up our family portrait biz. 

As Ed posted on his personal Facebook page, our children are our priority and working on weekends at weddings tore us away from their only free time in the week. Our choice to spend more family time, the chance to know them better, and our opportunity to enrich their lives are the best decisions we could make for the health and wellness of our family.

Though we’ve said it a few times during our meeting we would like to say it formally in a blog post. 😉

Our most heartfelt thank you for letting us be a part of your rock out, whirlwind of a wedding day!

Thank you for giving us the chance when we only had a few 8×10’s in our portfolio to show you that we were capable.

Gracias for taking us everywhere! To your beach wedding in December where you were the envy of every couple getting married that same day in all of the other 49 states!

Danke! Be it a wedding made for 2 or with 450 guests, you gave it your all –  smiles, sentiments, hilarity and family. You gave it a great name!

Merci! You showed us how to party and graced us with your dance moves from your Baraat entrance, Horah dance, money dance ala Filipino stylz or Nigerian “money spraying”, line dancing and the La Vibora De La Mar.

Xie xie! You’ve shared your breakfast with us as we photographed your getting ready. You’ve spoiled us with some great grub from – a 12 course meal, a lobster vendor meal, In N Out burgers, prime rib, filet mignon, grilled sammies, cookies, chocolates, fancy donuts to late night taco truck munchies! Thank you!

Arigato! For showing your talents with jumping off a broom or bamboo sticks, to B-boying, or stomping on glass.

Asante! For the music you’ve introduce us to – glam rock, EDMs, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rock En Espanol, string quartet to Mariachi band and 10 piece 80’s cover band.

Spasibo! Whether it was at your golden hour ceremony, raining on your “first look,”  cold as an ICEE drink that would give you a brain freeze or hot as the Arabian desert on your wedding day, you’ve stood by us and we made mad crazy portraits together!

We, thank you for the support, the laughs, the cries, the dope ass brewskis, and of course, maraming salamat po for the great memories! 

All our best,

Karen and Ed


For those who love to track their TO DOs in the day and mobile apps, we’d like to share an app, irunurun  that has been great for getting our personal daily tasks/goals done. Maybe you might like it too! 😉


For your continued support, we would like to gift you a FREE lifetime of portrait sessions and all you have to do is purchase portraits you love. Email us at and we’ll send you the details.

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