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When you first find out you were expecting your first child, your one and only hope as a parent is  your baby will be born healthy. Then several years go by, you nurture and guide her through this life. You’ve known her for a few years and your hope list gets a little longer. You hope that she doesn’t scrape her knee on the playground, that she will learn to be patient with herself, that she’ll write between the red and blue lines on the writing paper and that she will know know how to play nice at school. As she gets older and more mature, your hopes become a sort of copy of Emily Post Etiquette list of social graces –  she will be happy, well adjusted, has good manners, respectful, friendly, courteous, smart, can carry on a conversation, bad ass – lacrosse player kid and she has….she IS!

Well Emma is all of the above and more. She turned out just fine. She is down to earth, smart, has lots of friends, can easily fit into new situations, and loves sports.

Emma is now a freshman at University of Redlands.

Go Bulldogs!

downtown encinitas senior portraits


downtown encinitas senior portraits
downtown encinitas senior portraits
downtown encinitas senior portraits
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We LOVE this family!

Okay I have to admit. I’m a little biased cuz this is my brother’s family and all I can say is the force is strong in them!

They are all so dear to our hearts but dearest Noah, my nephew holds a special place in mine for he and I share the same birthday date.

The Gomez family loves the beach so it was perfect to make their portraits at Santa Monica Pier and beach.

They were in their happy place.

Gomez Family-1

Gomez Family-4
Gomez Family-5
Gomez Family-6
Gomez Family-7
Gomez Family-8
Gomez Family-9

Gomez Family-3










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Meet Brielle.

She is beautiful, amazing, intelligent and unique and that’s just according to Urban Dictionary.

But she is so much than those superlatives. She is the perfect gift to her parents and in turn her parents have gifted her a name worthy of her disposition.

Bonus: Scroll all the way down if you’d like to meet Canella, their first baby…(dog).

the clareens-3
baby portrait session
the clareens-8
the clareens-9
baby portrait session
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