Last month I attended the Potluck Pow Wow Photographer Workshop, an amazing gathering of 19 of my photography friends from around the country (and one from the UK). The Potluck was a 5 day retreat in the South Hamptons in Long Island New York where each photographer presented his or her area of expertise. I gave a one hour talk on lighting which I adapted from my Light Like a Ninja workshop.

Austin Wedding Photographers, Caroline and Ben, presented topics on bridal blog submission strategies and social media strategies. UK wedding photographer, Mike Garrard, shared his expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for wedding photographers. Pittsburg Wedding Photographer, Joe Appel, was our group moderator, keeping us on schedule, and contributing a smorgosbord of great business advice. Austin wedding photography ace, Jenny DeMarco, spoke on tips for creating a successful referral network. Overall, the workshop was extremely beneficial for growing and invigorating our business. We’ll be putting all the great info in delivering our best customer experiences for all our clients.

As a personal project, I wanted to shoot portraits on film and enlisted the help of my very photogenic friend, Boston Wedding Photographer, Kate McElwee. Like many, I started with film when I first learned photography and it was a great re-learning experience for me on my recent shoot. Shooting film really forced me to slowdown and be very deliberate in my compositions and think about what I wanted to convey in my images before pressing the shutter. I carefully planned a few places where I wanted to shoot, and a few moods I wanted when capturing Kate’s personality. Kate is a very cheerful English gal and brightens up any room she happens to be in, so that was an essential part of her personality to capture. She’s also has a very cool mod style, so I wanted to get some moody and dramatic photos as well. Kate was a such a pleasure to shoot.


(Opening photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography. Portraits of Kate by Ed Atrero.)

The above photo of Kate was shot on my 5d mark III with a 35mm f/1.4L lens. Photos below were taken with my trusty Nikon 8008s with a F/1.8D on Fuji Pro 400H film, processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

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