Last week, Ed attended the 2010 Foundations Conference in Kansas City. We are honored that for a second year in a row that one of Ed’s images placed in the Foundation Conference Photo Competition! The image below made the top 10 of the over 340 images entered this year. Cartwheel Kid was shot during Mariel + José Rio de Janeiro wedding.

Although Brasil has been on the rise economically for some years, it is still a country of much social stratification. The luxurious Sheraton Rio is paradoxically located across the street from one of the largest favelas (slums) in Brasil. Children from the Vidigal favela are commonly seen enjoying the idyllic beach that adjoins the Sheraton, that is only of course when they are not locked in their homes for days during drug wars. There are more than 8000 murders in some years making Rio one of the most dangerous places to call home.

Check out all the amazing winners here! If you missed it, here is the image that placed in last year 2009 photo competition.

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