I have sweet memories from my trip to Brasil in August and had some wonderful opportunities to experience and shoot a couple weddings with my good friend Vinicius Matos. Weddings are somewhat different in Brasil vs the US in that:

  • there are no groomen or bridesmaids
  • grooms and brides are often flanked by both parent during the processional
  • ceremonies usually are held at night and reception and dinner is typically served after 10pm
  • partying at receptions run quite late and often past 4am
  • brazilians, from the very young to the old, are unquestioning in their love to party
  • I had a fabulous time in Búzios where I again had the honor of shooting with Vinicius Matos. The beaches in Búzios are phenomenal and I had a chance to hop in the water at Praia da Ferradurinha the day before the wedding. It was much needed R&R after the grueling schedule I had for the workshop in Belo Horizonte. It seemed I drank a keg of Skol, the “Budweiser” of Brazil at the beach that day with Vinicius and assistant Erica Meiress. Erica is the most insane driver by the way. It took us nearly two hours of driving in circles around Rio De Janeiro before we actually made it on to the interstate freeway. Good times!

    The next day, Yasmin and Léo were married at the Villa Rasa Hotel Boutique & Spa in Búzios, an idyllic resort town 2 hours north from Rio de Janeiro along the coast. The weather was very nice, high 70s, which is typical for Brasil during the winter. They had a Buddhist wedding ceremony and a rustic outdoor theme for their reception. Their coordinator, Lú Amoedo, did a wonderful job with decor. Without further ado, I present you my set from Yasmin and Leo. Please check out Vinicius’ set here.


    Leo’s buddies making fun of his freshly manicured nails.

    Leo was very stylish in his Hugo Boss suit.

    My buddy Vinicius Matos is the man!

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